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UT System Faculty Advisory Council

The University of Texas System Faculty Advisory Council (UTSFAC or FAC) is an advisory group selected from faculty of UT System institutions. FAC works with and on behalf of the UT System, with a primary mission of communicating ideas and information between faculty and UT System Executive Officers and Board of Regents.

UT System Philosophy of Shared Governance

The UTSFAC is charged with:

  • Identifying issues of concern to the faculty, Board of Regents or well-being of the U.T. System.
  • Responding to issues at the request of the Board of Regents, Chancellor, U.T. System Administration, and/or UTSFAC membership.
  • Conducting fact-finding, background exploration, exposition, analysis and deliberation on issues and to develop recommendations and/or action plans for review by the UTSFAC.
  • Disseminating information to the UTSFAC, Board of Regents, and faculty and administrators of U.T. System institutions. 

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Learn more about the UTSFAC, by visiting their website HERE.


UT System Convenes Second Annual Student Success Summit - Sept. 22, 2017UT System Convenes Second Annual Student Success Summit - Sept. 22, 2017



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      January 19, 2017




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      October 5-6, 2017


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