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Action Report: February 9, 2016 586ce8cfb0fc5-ActionReport_Feb_9_2016 (1).pdf Concerning undergraduate curriculum changes.
Action Report: May 3, 2016 586ce5d2defde-ActionReport-May_3_2016.pdf *Concerning catalog revisions and Academic Calendar 2016-2017. *Concerning degree conferral for May 2016 graduation. *Concerning changes to Handbook of Operating Procedures.
Action Report: July 12, 2016 586c22454cbfb-ActionReport_July_12_2016.pdf Concerning change in Pre-Pharmacy program.
Action Report: April 12, 2016 586c1c1695705-ActionReport_Apr_12_2016.pdf Concerning adding new members to Faculty Senate Teaching Effectiveness committee.
Action Report: December 16, 2016 586aef2e75199-ActionReport_Dec_16_2016.pdf Concerning proposal for a new BS degree in Rehabilitation Sciences.
Action Report: November 11, 2016 586aeeece73bd-ActionReport_Nov_11_2016.pdf Concerning recommendations to serve on various Faculty Senate Committees.
Action Report: October 11, 2016 586aeea7b180e-ActionReport_October_11_2016.pdf *Concerning Pre-Health Professions Undergraduate Certificate. *Concerning changes to BS in Forensic Biology and Forensic Chemistry
Action Report: September 13, 2016 586aecbdf3df5-ActionReport_Sept_13_2016.pdf *Concerning SAT Admissions scores for Undergraduate Admission and Administrative Withdrawals. *Approval of Academic Calendar for 2017-2020
Action Report: October 14, 2014 586aeb2fcfac8-ActionReport_October_14_2014.pdf Concerning filling positions on various Faculty Senate committees.
Action Report: November 11, 2014 586aeb852c0ab-ActionReport_November_11_2014.pdf Concerning filling positions on various Faculty Senate committees.
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