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Student Welfare


Propose, review, and evaluate the administrative policies for the recognition and registration of student organizations; and to mediate any dispute arising from the denial of recognition of a student group's petition for recognition; At the request of the President, review appeals from decisions of the Hearing Officer and the Dean of Students regarding student organizations and make Recommendations to the President; Advise the Vice President for Student Affairs on policies related to student organizations, social activities, student government, student recreation facilities, disabled student services, international programs, union services, residence life, and student support and counseling; Advise the Bookstore Director, the Director of the Student Health Center and the General Manager of Food Services on the development of policies and procedures; Work with the respective faculties of the various colleges to promote, support, and encourage student development through involvement and participation in the activities and programs offered by the University.


7 Faculty members at large and 5 students; Ex officio: 1 representative from the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Bookstore Director, the Director of the Student Health Center, and the General Manager of Food Services.

Paul Carrola

College of Education
Term Ends 2018

Louis Castro

Student Health Services: Ex-Officio Voting 
Term Ends 2018

Andrew Fleck

College of Liberal Arts: At-Large 
Term Ends 2018

Hugo Gutierrez-Jurado

College of Science 
Term Ends 2020

Sarah Yvonne Jimenez

School of Nursing 
Term Ends 2018

Catie McCory Andalis

Student Affairs: Ex-Officio Voting
Term Ends 2018

Carla Campbell

College of Health Sciences
Term Ends 2020