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Student Publication


Determine policy, operating procedures and guidelines for all student publications; Implement and enforce the pertinent provisions of Regents' rules and Regulations and the Handbook of Operating Procedures; Impose sanctions, including removal, upon staff members of student publications as may be required; Establish, and if necessary waive, requirements and qualifications for appointees to student publications staffs; Appoint all student staff members of student publications, including editor‐in chief, associate editors, business managers, and advertising managers; Approve budgets for all student publications; Maintain a close working relation with, and seek the counsel and advice of, the Director of Student Publications; Consider complaints involving libel, obscenity, or violations of policies; Resolve disputes pertaining to publications; Approve petitions for recognition of new student publications.


1 Faculty member from each undergraduate college and school, 1 Faculty member from Communications and 5 students; Ex officio: Director of Student Publications, 1 representative from the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs, Editor of the Prospector, and a maximum of 3 consultants.

Fran Nunez, Chair

School of Nursing
Term Ends 2018

Eraldo E. Chiecchi

College of Liberal Arts 
Term Ends 2018