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Receive and evaluate applications for funding from the University Research Institute, and to make pertinent recommendations; Develop and express Faculty opinion concerning the operations of administrative units directly concerning Faculty research, such as the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects and University research centers and institutes.


1 Faculty member from each undergraduate College, 1 representative of the Graduate Council, 1 Faculty member at large, and 2 graduate students. Faculty members must be members of the Graduate Faculty; Ex officio: Dean of the Graduate School and Vice President for Research.

Hector Olvera, Chair

School of Nursing  
Term Ends 2018

Arturo Olivarez

College of Education
Term Ends 2019

Rafael S. Gutierrez

College of Engineering 
Term Ends 2018

Nigel Ward

College of Engineering  
Term Ends 2020

Suman Sinimula

School of Pharmacy 
Term Ends 2021

Chunqiang Li

College of Science
Term Ends 2018

Thenral Mangadu

College of Health Science - At Large
Term Ends 2020

Candice Coffman

Graduate Student Representative 

Allyson Hughes

Graduate Student Representative