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Graduate Scholarship


Recommends policy for Deans of the Graduate Schools for the awarding of all University‐administered Graduate scholarships and fellowships.


1 Faculty member from each undergraduate college, 1 representative of the Graduate Council, 1 Faculty member at large, and 2 graduate students. The Faculty members must be members of the Graduate Faculty; Ex‐officio – the Dean of the Graduate School.

Pat Lara, Chair

College of Health Science 
Term Ends 2020

Eduardo Arellano

College of Education
Term Ends 2018

Sabrina Kao

School of Nursing
Term Ends 2020

Salamah Salamah

College of Engineering  
Term Ends 2020

Karly Schleicher

Graduate Student Representative  

Giulio Francia

College of Science - At Large
Term Ends 2018

Anita Quintana

College of Science 
Term Ends 2018

Laura Gonzalez

College of Liberal Arts - At Large
Term Ends 2020

Jennifer Clifton

College of Liberal Arts
Term Ends 2019

Shelby Curtis

Graduate Student Representative