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Faculty Welfare, Responsibility and Ethics


Develops and expresses faculty viewpoints with respect to academic freedom, responsibility, and ethics; Upon the request of the President, to advise in the selection of Hearing Tribunals and/or to conduct such hearings or inquiries in accordance with the provision of this Handbook; Conciliate complaints and make recommendations to the President in matters of academic freedom, responsibility, and ethics; Hear impeachment charges and make recommendations to the Senate in cases arising under these Bylaws; Develop and express Faculty viewpoints with respect to matters concerning the welfare of individual Faculty members and their immediate families, including, but not limited to, adequacy of physical facilities, working conditions, compensation, and fringe benefits; Maintain and promote the Faculty Lounge as a comfortable and collegial environment for faculty interaction and exchange of ideas; Maintain continuing scrutiny of the Faculty Section of this Handbook.


1 tenured Faculty member from each undergraduate college and school and 1 Faculty member at large

Piotr Wojciechowsi

College of Science
Term Ends 2018

Reynaldo Reyes

College of Education 
Term Ends 2018

Maria Amaya

School of Nursing 
Term Ends 2020

Sandor Dorgo

College of Health Science
Term Ends 2018

Andrew Fleck

College of Liberal Arts
Term Ends 2020