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Committee on Committees


Make nominations for Faculty positions on Standing Committees, except the Committee on Committees, the Executive Council of the Faculty Senate, and college representative to the Undergraduate Curricula Committee; Annually inform members of the General Faculty and members of the Faculty Senate of existing and pending vacancies of Standing Committees and to solicit the interest of Faculty members in filling such vacancies; Maintain records of the interests of individual Faculty members in filling vacancies on various committees; Maintain records of the service given by individual Faculty members when named to particular committees; Insure that rotation of membership is followed for all Standing Committees.


1 tenured Faculty member from each undergraduate college and school, 2 tenured Faculty members at large, the Faculty Senate President and Vice President. All replacements to this Committee shall be elected by the Faculty Senate upon nomination of the Nominating Committee for Officers of the Faculty Senate; Ex officio: (Voting) A representative of the Graduate Council, elected by that body.

Maria Duarte, Chair

College of Health Science 
Term Ends 2020

Elena Izquierdo

President, Faculty Senate; At Large
Term Ends 2018

Deanna Pennington

College of Science
Term Ends 2018

Feixue (Faith) Xie

College of Business
Term Ends 2018

Meredith E. Abarca

College of Liberal Arts 
Term Ends 2018

Vladik Kreinovich

College of Engineering 
Term Ends 2018

Leslie Robbins

School of Nursing
Term Ends 2020

Vivek Tandon

College of Engineering: At Large
Term Ends 2018

Marc Cox

College of Science: At Large
Term Ends 2018

Jack Chessa

College of Engineering: Ex Officio Voting
Term Ends 2018

Mourat Tchoshanov

College of Education 
Term Ends 2020