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Academic Policy


Recommends policies for Undergraduate admission and readmission to the University; Determining good standing, academic probation, and academic suspension; Awarding honors; Awarding of degrees and other University credentials; Publication of the official University calendar, course schedule, and catalog; Registration; Orientation of entering students; Advising of all students.


1 Faculty member from each undergraduate college, 1 Faculty members at large, and 2 full‐time undergraduate students. Ex‐officio ‐ All Academic Deans, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies, Director of Admissions and Recruitment, and Registrar.

Meagan Vaughn Kendall, Chair

College of Engineering
Term Ends 2018

Shalla Copeland

School of Nursing
Term Ends 2018

Mary Chavez

School of Pharmacy
Term Ends 2021

Laura Serpa

College of Science
Term Ends 2018

Omar Badreddin

College of Engineer - At Large 
Term Ends 2020

Connie Summers

College of Health Science
Term Ends 2018

Godwin Udo

College of Business
Term Ends 2018

Penelope Espinoza

College of Education
Term Ends 2018

Andrew Fleck

College of Liberal Arts
Term Ends 2020

Mitzi Martinez

SGA Representative